Message From Chairman

Success cannot be accomplished overnight. It requires hard work and labor.And we are able to provide you labor with these requirements for your success. We are the leading manpower agency in Nepal.Demand for an effective and efficient human labor is high all around the world and we are providing the finest of the finest quality of human labor.It is known all over the world that we,Nepalese, are known for our service. We are known for our honesty and loyalty since the olden times. We are known for our bravery and loyalty too. We have labors that are willing to do any sort of work to the satisfaction of the owner.And Iassure you that our labors will show you all these characters. As a social responsible company, we complies with customer's business code of conducts. We follow government rules and regulations of both country according to MOU. Our business policy is under RBA code of conduct. Therfore we fully discourage social discrimination, ethnic religion, cast and creeds. We follow the zero cost recruitment for foreign employment. We do not charge any cost with workers. The principle of universality of human rights is the cornerstone of Money Home Overseas.

H.N. Paudel