Our Categories

Nepalese are known for bravery and loyalty, Gurkha Security Guards which is the best security any man can ask. It is known all over theworld that we Nepalis are known for “bravest of brave, most generous of generous, never had country more faithful friends then others.”

Money Home overseas mission is to supply the best, honest, and reliable security service at all levels in order to protect life, property, business and premises to prevent loss or waste, and help in minimize risk and solved. Indeed our key strength is the qua lity of service for our pa rty, their commitments, training and adaptability for the task. We are sure our security most unique comprehensive, reliable, cost effective, efficient, wide ethnic, and multilingual security service which we provide to our clients.

Money Home Overseas supply quality security guard, such as ex-army, ex- police, body guard, and civil security guards, which we have to plan supply private companies, public companies, national and multinational companies, large businessman will as individuals.

Our securities are trained by stewa rd and store detective, site guarding and mobile patrol key holding, alarm and response, door supervision for clubs and entertainments venues, static and mobile patrol and CCTV, close circuit public surveillance mobility and operations, so we are not compromise in quality service.

Office Workers & Specialists in various feilds

  • Administration/ Management
  • Manager ( Administration,sales & Marketing ) Accountant ,Cashier
  • Store Keeper,Clerk, Typist Computer  Operation,Secretary, Data Entry Clerk Salesman,Purchaser
  • Cleaners, Tea Boy,Bell Boy,Janitors,

Transportation Drivers ,Heavy Equipment

  • Transportation,Heavy Equipment & AC Maintenance Light ( Car,Van,Jeep ) Driver
  • Heavy Driver ( Truck ,Lorry,Public Bus, Trailer ) Equipment Operator ( Forklift, Bulldozer,Roller, Crane, Grader,Digging Machine, Shovel )
  • Auto Mechanic
  • Heavy Duty Mechanic ( Petrol,Diesel ) HVAC Technician
  • AC Tech ( Ducting,Installations ) Labors, Loader

Garments, Textile & Factory Workers

  • Garments & Textile Manager
  • Garments,Textile & Factory Workers
  • {Production, Sales & Marketing,Admi nistration ) Supervisor I Patron Maker
  • Cutting Master
  • Stitch Machine Operator/ Tailoring Checker,Quality Controller Curtain,Sofa Set Tailor
  • Helper,Loader

Hotels & Catering Staff

  • Manager ( Front 0ffice/ Food & Beverage Y Banquet  ) Assistant Manager:
  • Receptionists I Baker; Cooks ( Continental, Indian, Chinese, Arabia, Tan Colori) Waiters/ Stewards[ Captain
  • Fast Food Crew/ House Keeping
  • Room Boy/ Ofifice/ Bell/ Tea/ Store Keeper
  • Kitchen Helper/ Dishwastler/ Laundry OP.eratoli Helper Barman I Butcher
  • Chapatti Maker I Accountants, <!ashier
  • Cleaners, .Lab.ors      .
  • Guards/ Janitors/ Watchmen

Skilled Technician

  • Constructions  supervisors/Overseers Welders
  • Foremen(Electrical /Mechanical /Civil)
  • Plant operator (Electrical/Mechanical /Civil) Mechanists /Turners/Toolmakers
  • Mechanics (Air condition/heavy /light Equipment) Draughtsman (Electrical /Mechanical/Civil)
  • Hotel Personnel
  • (Waiters/Cooks/Bakers/Front  office personnel) Computer operators
  • Carpenters/Cabinet Markers
  • Steel Fixers I Bar Binder I Scaff folder Masons/Tile Fixers/ Plasterers Plumbers/Pipe filters
  • Garments I Textile /Jute Workers
  • Administration Personnel
  • Laboratory Technicians /Medical Assistants Plumber
  • Electrician ( Industrial,House Wiring) Pipe Fitter,Fabric I Scaffolding Helpers/ Const. Labors

Engineering Mechanical & Civil Construction

  • Civil Engineers
  • Mechanical  Engineers Electrical Engineers
  • Foreman (Civil/Electrical I Mechanical )
  • Masons ( Tiles I Marble/ Block I Bricks Layer ) Mason – Fabric Tiles
  • Carpenters ( Finishing/ Shutters )
  • Painter ( Industrial I Building I wood polisher )


  • Laborers
  • Cleaners /Sweepers Agriculture  Laborers Farmers
  • Peons/ office boys Airport loaders
  • Industrial Laborers